“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

~Albert Einstein

Nilara Associates
Facilitating the art and practice of thinking differently ... to generate meaningful results and sustainable growth

We believe that 'thinking differently' is necessary for addressing the challenges faced by today's individuals, teams, and organizations. And we believe that thinking differently enables people to:

  • Transform challenges into opportunities by being present to what is emerging, listening for the often subtle signals hidden amongst the noise of everyday life, and integrating multiple ways of knowing and seeing
  • Discover new possibilities for action by breaking through the inertia of ingrained habits and unexamined assumptions
  • Deepen the resiliency, agility, and adaptability necessary for innovatively thriving in the midst of complexity, ambiguity, and change
  • Make a difference personally, professionally, productively, and profitably

Our pragmatic approach is designed to put these beliefs into practice — not only by helping our clients generate meaningful solutions to their immediate challenges, but also by deepening their capacity for thinking differently and self-generating solutions in the future. We do this through a full suite of services, including;

  • Individual and Team Coaching: Engaging individuals and teams in an integrative, whole-person process that generates positive change and meaningful results in their personal and/or professional worlds.
  • Coaching Program Development: Collaborating in the design and roll-out of corporate coaching programs, including defining business strategy, designing framework and processes, building a network of coaches, and marketing and launching the program.
  • Learning Program Development: Designing and facilitating customized learning experiences — including self-paced learning modules and instructor-led workshops, seminars, and lunch-and-learn-sessions. Learning programs can focus on people development and/or technical training and documentation.
  • Organizational Development: Collaborating in the design of a scalable people-development infrastructure that aligns with the corporate mission, vision, and values — including job ladder definitions, hiring, onboarding, learning & development programs, performance management, promotions, and career transitions.
  • Workshops, Seminars, & Retreats: Designing and facilitating learning experiences on topics such as Managing Stress, Manager as Coach, Managerial Behavior, Performance Management, Interpersonal Communications, Conflict Management, Collaboration, Team Development, and more.

If this interests you, then we invite you to 'surf' our website to learn more, and/or contact us.